Salon Pack with 25 Assorted Klicinz

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Salon Pack with 25 Assorted Klicinz

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Twenty-five Assorted Salon Pack is created as a lot for small salons or for those salons who do occasional updo hairstyles. Because Klicinz and Poppi products are not packaged individually, your Salon Pack price is less than it would be if you bought each piece individually. Now you can make more money without having done a single extra bit of work–all you did was to start using Klicinz as your updo hairstyling tool.

Included in each Twenty-five Assorted Salon Pack :

3 Jumbo Large Klicinz

5 Jumbo Medium Klicinz

3 Large Klicinz

5 Small Klicinz

9 Mini Klicinz