Whirl a Style

French Twist Klicinz Large

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About the Product
  • Genuine Original Patented Klicinz Brand
  • Made in the USA
  • Strong hold for active people
  • EXCLUSIVE! Hair Friendly-does not damage hair, gives you the power to use the product without worry that hair will be damaged-be carefree
  • EXCELLENT! Can be used with hair extensions, permits you to manage hair extensions easily without fear of hair breakage-live like a pro.
The French Twist Maker provides a quick and easy way to style your hair in the traditional chignon or French twist. Whether you have long or medium length hair, you could easily use the Large size. It is great for creating a sophisticated and elegant upstyle for the office or an evening out. This Large size has also been quite popular with athletes who use it to keep their hair fashionably contained during workouts, performances and athletic events.

NOTE: Whirl-a-Style has a square closure, while Klicinz has a spherical closure.


How to make a French Twist using this bun maker!