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We offer the Whirl-a-Style, Klicinz, Fashion-Obsessed and Haute Hairstylers so you have the perfect tool for the hairstyle you have been dreaming about. All of our hairstylers also work wonders for those with hair extensions as they do not pull on hair. Made in the USA.

Note: Fashion Obsessed and Haute Hairstyler create a loose, tussled look whereas the Whirl-a-Style and Klicinz Basic results in a precise, classic ballerina bun with marvelous all-day-long hold.

Ponytail Elastics


Whirl-a-Style carries a large variety of ponytail elastics and accessories. You can achieve gorgeous ponytails and cause heads to turn just like the stunning ponytails that catch one’s eye on runways and in fashion magazines.

Made of a polymer material, the Ponytail Elastic is a hair-friendly ponytail holder that grips the hair firmly without fear of slipping, giving you that sleek and perfectly smooth look! Simply wrap the Ponytail Elastic around your hair until snug and secure clasp. When you are ready to remove it, simply pop open the quick release clasp. That’s it! No more painful hair pulling.
The Ponytail Extender is made in two materials: polypropylene (Fashion Obsessed Line) and fashion fabric (Haute Collection). There are 3 different sizes: 1.5 inch, 2 inches, or 3 inches. The size you want depends on how much extension and/or volume you want to add to your ponytail.

Headbands Accents


Whirl-a-Style offers a large selection of high-end headbands and hair accessories such as hair clips, pins and more! All of our headbands and hair accessories are made from quality materials and are sure to amaze.

Salon Products


We understand you need a vast array of tools available to satisfy your clients. We have long-hold hair spray, hair-setting gel, hair smoothing gel and hair curlers to give your customers a stunning updo for prom, wedding, special event or any time they feel ready for a makeover. If you need a nice head of hair to demonstrate the Whirl-a-Style in your store or are just looking for a way to experiment with hairstyles, we offer a line of mannequin heads with 12”, 14” or 24” hair. If you want extra stability, consider adding a stand. We offer tripod and counter stands that will prevent your mannequin head from moving while your hands make a beautiful hairstyle!


Salon Products


We understand the demand of the salon industry and offer an array of products to meet those demands. Our product line for stylists has trolley cases, mannequin heads, stands, pins, brushes and other items stylists use in their daily career.



Dance Bags


Whether you are a dancer, dance teacher, dance studio owner or a dedicated mother; Whirl-a-Style has what you need to create great dancer’s buns and pretty hairstyles

Salon Packs


Our Summer Beauty limited edition hair elastics will bring about a transformation in simple ponytails. Feel the warmth and radiance of summer with these seasonally beautiful flowers.