Seminar and Eduction

No matter where we go in the world, I hear professional stylists comment that they either no longer do Upstyle hairstyles or that they avoid them because they dislike doing them. They tell me:

Upstyles take too much time,

They don’t make much money with them, and

They don’t know how to do hairdressing right because they were not taught this in their schools and so they don’t like doing them

But then when we offer tools to make the process easier, I am told that “I am creative and I don’t need tools. I use my fingers.” “Why would I use something that a client could also use?”

And so the circle continues.

The reality is that tools increase creativity. A comb or a brush is a tool. Stylists use brushes and combs and so do their clients. The results, however, are quite different. When a stylist uses a brush or comb, the finished look is more finished, more glamorous than when the client uses them. Whirl-a-Style tools are like the brushes and the comb. They are tools that enhance creativity and a fashion look. Without the tools, you as a stylist will always be limited.

Because our tools can open so many windows to creativity and unimaginable styles, we have developed a series of education classes that allow you as a professional to explore the realms you have not before explored.

Each education class is accompanied by a Lookbook and Workbook. Each Lookbook style is broken down into very simple “how to” steps so you can easily follow. During the class, students work on mannequin heads so that they leave confident and empowered to create fresh new runway and celeb hairstyles.

Brittany Molina leads the education team in the US and Giuliano Gammuto leads the team in Europe. They are great teachers. Call or email for the next class offering. 952-933-2000 or