Q. What’s the difference between Klicinz and Whirl-a-Style?

A. Whirl-a-Style has a square closure, while Klicinz has a round spherical closure. Klicinz design was created to allow us to add jewelry to accessorize any hairstyle. Both Hairstyler products will make the same hairstyles. The difference is that Klicinz allows the addition of jewelry.

Q. Why are there different colors and sizes?

A. Some of us just like color — so, we provide a variety of color options. Is it necessary? No. Once hair is wound over the Hairstyler product, it really doesn’t show. Different sizes are meant for different hair lengths, types, and thicknesses. There are also many hairstyles which will require several sizes and pieces used in combination to create certain looks.

Q. How much does shipping cost?

A. Shipping is calculated at the checkout process. You can choose the carrier of your choice and the shipping method. We do not make any money on shipping costs, rather give you the rates that we get directly from the carrier.

Q. Can I create these hairstyles when I have layers?

A.Yes! Our tools are incredibly user-friendly and enable you to more easily work with layers – lots of layers. Make it easier by securing your hair in a ponytail – use one of our non-slip Ponytail Elastics. Some layers might fall out but you will be able to wrap them around the bun or tuck them in before you pin the hair in place. The layers will hold better than anything on the market today. The Whirl-a-Style chart below shows hair of varying lengths and different lengths of layers. Use this chart to help you select the correct Hairstyler size for your hair. The Whirl-a-Style chart below shows hair of varying lengths and different lengths of layers. Use this chart to help you select the correct Hairstyler size for your hair.

Q. What do I do as some hair seems to fall out of the Hairstyler when I try to create the hairstyle?

A. Hair will often fall out of the Hairstyler as you work with it. Here are some tips to help you

Q. When I use the Hairstyler, it doesn’t stay in. The bun flops down and the Hairstyler falls out …

A. You need to roll the Hairstyler until it is firm against the head. This is the key to your success. It doesn’t matter what direction you roll the product. Just remember to snap it closed in the opposite direction from which you rolled it. It just takes little practice.

Q. How do I get a bun on the top of my head?

A. Your bun will be positioned exactly where your fingers are pointing. Gather hair up at the top of your head and make a ponytail, securing it with our non-slip Ponytail Elastic. Put the hair through the Hairstyler slit and begin rolling. Notice that when doing this your fingers will be pointed at the top of your head. That’s where the bun will end up.If you want the bun in the middle of your head, take your hair straight back and begin rolling. Now notice that when rolling your hair your fingers are pointing toward the middle of your head. That’s where the bun will sit on your head.

Q. My hands aren’t long enough to reach down my back to begin rolling my hair. What can I do?

A. Use one of our non-slip Ponytail Elastic to put your hair in a ponytail. Put your ponytail through the slit and slide it down as far as your arms will allow. Simply take the ends dangling beyond the Hairstyler and wrap them around the Hairstyler and then begin rolling Hairstyler until firmly against your head. Snap Hairstyler closed in the opposite direction from which you rolled it.

Q. My hair is long and it falls way below my waist. Can I use this Whirl-a-Style Product?

A. Absolutely! If your hair is really long, you may need to use 2 sizes snapped together. All our product are designed to snap together. Only put your hair through one of the Hairstyler slits – the hair will roll over both. Use one of our non-slip Ponytail Elastic to put your hair in a ponytail. Put your ponytail through the slit and slide it down as far as your arms allow. Wrap the lower ends of the hair around the Hairstyler first and then begin rolling until firm against your head. Snap it closed in the opposite direction from which you rolled it.

Q. Can I use this Whirl-a-Style Product in my dog’s hair or my horse’s mane?

A. You sure can. Those who have pets with long hair may find this is a perfect solution to keeping their hair out of their food bowl. With horses their hair is coarse so you may need to play slightly with sizes to find the perfect size for your horse – if you show horses and need little buns in the hair, Whirl-a-Style products securely hold the mane.

Q. How long does the hair have to be for me to use Whirl-a-Style?

A. You can use our Whirl-a-Style Products even if you only have four inches (about 10 cm) of hair. Just use either the small or mini size.

Q. Can I use this Whirl-a-Style Product with young children?

A. Children love our Whirl-a-Style products and are safe to use for their hair. The dyes are very safe, so they can chew on the product and it won’t hurt them, but we don’t recommend using it for a teething ring. There are products with specially designed features for that purpose. Some of our hair jewelry pieces are small and we do not recommend them for children under 5 years of age. You don’t want children to put them in their mouth, nose or ears. They may become lodged there and are dangerous to the health of your child.

Q. Will I use more than one size?

A. What size you use and how many you use will depend on the hairstyle you are creating. It also depends on the length and thickness of your hair.

Q. Does the Whirl-a-Style Product help to create more than a bun design?

A. Yes, you can create many amazing hairstyle designs. Every updo hairstyle is either based on a bun or a French twist. Since Whirl-a-Style enables you do to both, you can virtually create any hairstyle. All you need is a sense of fun, style and imagination with the use of our Whirl-a-Style Products.

Q. Will it curl my hair?

A. Yes, you will have curls, wonderful curls after using our Whirl-a-Style Product. Some people put their hair in our product at night, sleep on it and in the morning they have curls. Others put their hair up during the day while they work, so that in the evening when they want to go out — they have a different look with curls.

Q. Can I use Whirl-a-Style Products with hair extensions?

A. Yes! This is a perfect product for those of you with professionally bonded salon hair extensions. First of all, if you don’t wrap your hair at night, your marvelous investment of hair will be a tangled mess and very difficult to manage in the morning. If you put your hair extensions in our Jumbo Large Whirl-a-Styler, your hair extensions will be protected and your hair manageable in the morning. Secondly, if you’re worried that the point where the hair extension is fused to your hair may show when creating updos, don’t worry– they won’t show. Actually, you will be able to create incredible new hairstyle designs because of the extra hair you have with extensions. Third, Whirl-a-Style Products will hold your hair in a more proportionate manner on the head, so you won’t suffer from the headaches experienced by many women wearing updo hairstyles. This is partly because you don’t have the weight and the pulling and tugging on the hair from hairpins that other updo hairstyling tools require. With Whirl-a-Style, you won’t need hairpins at all — if any.

Q. Can I sleep in it?

A. Yes, Whirl-a-Style Products are pliable and soft, so you can comfortably sleep on them.

Q. Can I swim with Whirl-a-Style?

A. Yes. You may actually want to put your hair in a bun before you put on your swimming cap. If you are a competitive swimmer, you will want to make sure your hair is not in your eyes, blocking your vision. Your Whirl-a-Style bun will fit nicely under the cap. So swim worry-free and you will even look great when your cap comes off when you are finished!

Q. Will Whirl-a-Style pull or break my hair?

A. Whirl-a-Style Products are made from a special material that is a cross between a poly-fiber and a rubber like material. As a result, they grip the hair, holding it in place while not causing hair to stick to the Whirl-a-Style Products. Because you will need very few hairpins, there won’t be the tension on the head that you may have experienced in the past. When making a bun, the hair is distributed around the Whirl-a-Styler evenly, so the hair shaft isn’t pulled and broken as can happen with other products.

Q. I have braids, can I use these Whirl-a-Style Products?

A. At trade shows and in professional photography sessions, we have had the privilege of working with braids. We have found that braids are beautiful when put in little buns around the head. When finished it looks like a head full of wonderful, glistening jewels. An additional advantage of putting your braids into Whirl-a-Style buns, is that the tension at the shaft of the hair created when braiding can be lessened by the redistribution of the weight of the hair when braids are put into little buns. Be kind to your head. Minimize the tension at the shaft of the hair that causes balding. Whirl-a-Style Products will make the tight knots that look so good and do so in a more scalp friendly way.

Q. I get headaches when I wear my hair up. How will these Whirl-a-Style Products affect me? Will there be a difference?

A. Headaches are a common problem. Many women tell us that they don’t like updo hairstyles, because they get a headache from them. Headaches are caused by either tugging and pulling of the hair or by the additional weight of hairpins and extensions. Because Whirl-a-Style Products will enable you to easily make hair buns without needing any hairpins or very few, you will find that you can wear your hair up for longer periods of time without even noticing that it’s up!

Q. I always just twist my hair with my hands to make updo styles. Why would I need these Whirl-a-Style Products?

A. Twisting the hair is the “old fashioned” way to do buns and French twists. It works. The drawback is that you will need to use lots of hairpins to hold your hair in place, especially if you are active. This will cause headaches and you may find yourself taking your hair up and down, up and down. Whirl-a-Style Products will give you a smooth finished, full look without all the additional tugging and pulling of the hair caused by hairpins.

Q. I use fabric donuts to make buns. Why do I need these Whirl-a-Style Products instead?

A. Donuts will work. They will help you create the same effect and design. The big difference is that you will need to use lots of hairpins to hold the donut bun in place. One ballerina told us she counted over 50 hairpins in her hair when she used a donut to make a bun! When she used Whirl-a-Style Products, she used no hairpins. Not only did it feel better in the hair, but it was so much safer. If you are a dancer this special Whirl-a-Style benefit is really important. You will be disqualified or docked points in competition, if your hair comes undone. Don’t take the chance of hairpins falling out. Don’t risk losing the competition over your hair coming out when there is a simpler, more effective solution with Whirl-a-Style Products.

Q. Will I still need a hairnet, if I use these Whirl-a-Style Products for my bun?

A. Some people choose to use a hairnet. You really don’t need it when you use Whirl-a-Style Products. You can finish the style with a little hairspray, yet if it makes you more comfortable, by all means use a hairnet. We find the very young children especially can profit from a hairnet. They often have fine, fly away hair that is well served by a hairnet.

Q. I skate. Will it hold my hair well enough with Whirl-a-Style?

A. Many skaters can no longer skate in competition with hairpins. Whirl-a-Style Products will hold your hair very well without pins so you can jump, twist and turn. You can do all you do so beautifully, without any worry about your hair.

Q. Why should I select Whirl-a-Style Products over any other product on the market today?

A. You want Whirl-a-Style Products because they are easy to use and it takes so little time to creatively make really magical hairstyles. Other products are more tedious, require many hairpins, are difficult to use on yourself or not friendly to the head.

Q. Buns are for old ladies. How can I use this style in a more updated way?

A. Go to the Whirl-a-Style Photography Gallery. You will be amazed at all the modern hairstyles that you can make. Buns are only one look. The hairstyles you can create will only be limited by your imagination!