Our Creative Team

We are fortunate to have strong, creative talent.

Brittany Molina, from Jacksonville, Florida, has provided a creative perspective from which others have built.

Her vision and talent are great and she has represented Whirl-a-Style in Europe, Asia, Brazil, and Mexico. She has a keen sense of style. Having trained with some of the most talented in the industry, Brittany knows what’s important and can break information down into very understandable steps.

Brittany developed and trained our New York based stylists. Her comfortable style of teaching draws people to her and makes complex concepts easy to understand and create.

The Gammuto brothers, Giuliano and Francesco, joined our team about two years ago. They are talented, theatrical, and savvy interpreters of trend and style. They are responsible for our creative direction, product testing, training and education, and brand development in Europe. We are excited about having them on our team. They make us strong and they bring a great deal of professionalism and life to all of us.

Under the direction of Giuliano, Whirl-a-Style developed an education program for salons and professionals. Already, the Gammutos have helped Whirl-a-Style reach beyond Germany into Switzerland, Italy, Iceland, France and other places.

A Lookbook and Workbook was developed by Giuliano to serve as the basis for Whirl-a-Style education programs. Seminars not only show creative styles, but the step-by-step method used in the creation of each. We are excited to bring you this education—you will be surprised how quickly you will be able to create the most interesting and alluring hairstyles.