About Us

I think that one of the most universal desires for all of us is the desire to have our inner beauty expressed in everything we do and are.   We choose carefully clothes, make-up, jewelry and hairstyles to reflect who we are. What we “put on” ourselves is done to show or radiate what we are. Sometimes we create an image on the outside to help us as we wait for the inner parts of our own self-concepts and self-images to catch up with what we have created on the outside. It is my belief that each of us is in the process of discovering more of who we can become. As we discover who we are, we feel more alive, more loveable, more loving, and more beautiful. These qualities are infectious.

At Whirl-a-Style I have designed and developed hairstyling tools and hair jewelry to reflect the inner beauty that we all want to express. Each day there is a new beginning. The old that we may want to discard is gone as we embrace Wonderful, Ageless Style (WAS). Each day we have the ability to come a-liv-e!!! I want you to be alive. I would like to see you enjoy the fun and the excitement of life as you use our products.

All of our products are made in Minnesota, USA. They are patented, trademarked, and copyrighted worldwide and are distributed in North America, Asia, and Europe. We have developed key partnerships that enable us to produce our products quickly. We draw upon many people to help us innovate, stay fresh, and provide the trends you want from the fashion runway, celeb looks, to magazine features

Let me introduce to you our team

US-Team Whirl-A-Style Team USA
  • Lois Sonstegard – President, CEO
  • Kelli Bayerle – Office Manager
  • Brittany Molina – International Educator/ Creative Development
  • Vicki Kragenbring – National Sales Manager, Dance, USA
  • Stephanie Burger – Production
  • George Stodola – Product / Process Engineer
  • Amber Thomas – Marketing / Graphic Design / Web
  • Harbor Plastics – Mold Injection Partner
  • John Gooding – Photographer
Whirl-a-style Team Europe
  • Francesco Gammuto – Creative Development Lead
  • Guiliano Gammuto – Creative Development
Whirl-a-style Team Asia
  • Lois Sonstegard
  • Yu Tanaka

Product Development Process

At Whirl-a-Style, we listen very carefully to the ideas and suggestions you give us. Many of our products have been modified or been adjusted to incorporate your suggestions. We are grateful to all of you for your comments. They make us better and enable us to make products that you really want. We also use a creative team which provides input. All of these ideas are shared with our fashion and trend experts with whom we consult.

Once we have created our fashion story board for the year, we begin designing and developing prototype products. Our design engineer looks carefully at materials, the production process and helps us design new molds and tools as needed. We then test our products with our experts, especially with our creative team in the United States and in Europe. Products may be re-designed at this point and if no adjustments are necessary, products are packaged and prepared to ship to you.

It is our desire that with Whirl-a-Style you will be more:

And, More Infectiously LOVABLE
We look forward to hearing your stories. Please write and share your stories and/or your pictures.