Whirl a Style

Zulu Knots Klicinz Mini

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About the Product

  • Made in the USA
  • 3 Qty per Package
  • Multiple Color Selections
  • Genuine Original Patented Whirl-a-Style Brand
  • Create penny-sized knots to drape around a larger bun or to anchor your corn rows.
The Mini Klicinz can be used with any length hair–just take very small sections if hair is long or thick. Make funky, trendy and edgy styles–great for hip hop or jazz–or use in combination with the other sizes to create stunning updos. African and Mediterranean hair: be gentle to your scalp and create tight knots and other styles without putting pressure on the base of the hair–you will notice less scalp problems! Can make multiple buns that are about the size of a penny. Great for the tight Zulu knots or drape little buns around a larger bun to create texture. Or fill the inside of your bun with “little buns” . Want corn rows anchored with a little bun at the end—this is perfect. When you take these out, you will have a head full of curls.

NOTE: Whirl-a-Style has a square closure, while Klicinz has a spherical closure.


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