The hardest part about looking Fabulous… gone!

The hardest part about looking Fabulous… gone!

 There was a story going around –you know it—you’ve seen it.  It’s about Lucy.  She’s a career woman, mother of one child.  She works for a demanding advertising agency and her boss is more than eccentric, unrelenting.  Her husband also has a demanding busy schedule.  Trying to be everything to everyone, she would grab at things to quickly take care of herself.  And….sometimes, that meant for a rather unusual look. 

Then there’s Mimi—remember her?  She was desperate for attention wanted her boss to notice to her and everyone to love her.  Amazingly, she had the confidence of a queen and just moved on.


We loved these women because they made us laugh at them first and then at ourselves.  We saw our own lives woven into their stories—their desperate need to be seen and heard—and be beautiful.


Isn’t this what we all do?  We look for ways to be seen and heard.  We don’t want to be invisible or silent.  But we also don’t have the luxury of TV set studios flushed with make-up artists and stylists to give us the look we want.

Well…this is life and we do our best, don’t we?


As I found myself running from meeting to meeting, catching planes, rushing home to make it to school events, I thought there has to be a better way.  I tried lots of different things but I kept asking:  “Isn’t there a better way?”  And, in the process, I found a better way—a better way to be organized about how I looked so I could manage my hectic schedule—and still feel good about how I looked.  What a lifesaver! Soon, one idea led to another and I had patented products that make life easier.  We call this the Whirl-a-Style Hairstyling Beauty System—now we want to share this with our family and friends. 


Now we can all be happy—the hardest part of looking fabulous—TIME—is gone!

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