The 90’s Comeback: Multiple Messy Buns

The 90’s Comeback: Multiple Messy Buns

If you lived through the 90’s or consider yourself a fan, then you have best believe the 90’s is showing up yet again. Chokers, Pokémon, and crop tops are just some of the signs that some of the best things coming from that decade are back.

Another thing coming from that year are high, messy buns in pairs of two! Popularized by celebrities like Gwen Stefani of No Doubt, this hairstyle invokes a free, pop-filled imagery that gives a thumbs up to partying like it’s 1999.

You can easily create this style in minutes with two Whirl-a-Style Jumbo Mediums or two Jumbo Larges depending on your hair length (Jumbo Medium for shoulder-length and Jumbo Large for mid-back). Just divide your hair down the middle, put in some pigtails with Whirl-a-Style’s ponytail elastics and then grab, roll, snap with a Whirl-a-Style hair tool on each side that fits your hair length!

You will be up and out the door to meet your friends in no time. Who needs socks and hair pins to recreate this style when you have the effortless ease of Whirl-a-Style in your corner?

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