St. Patrick's Day!

St. Patrick's Day!

St. Patrick’s Day is around the corner. Having grown up in Japan, St. Pat’s Day was not a celebration to which I was accustomed.  But while I was living in New York City many, many years ago, an Irish-American friend introduced me to St. Pat’s Day.  From 8 AM we stood in the cold on 5th Ave.  We wanted the best perch from which to watch the parade.

  People were filled with excitement—and well warmed by Scotch and few other “Irish favorites”.  As we stood, I watched a pretzel vendor move down the street selling his pretzels.  He tripped, fell, and the cart flew spewing pretzels all over 5th Ave.  He looked up, straightened his cart, quickly picked up his pretzels and proceeded down the street selling his pretzels.  Amazed, I watched as the crowd continued to buy his pretzels, totally unbothered by this man’s mishap What a day!  At 2 in the morning, I signed out, though many of the die-hards were still celebrating.

In retrospect, what impressed me was not all the events of the day, but rather, the Irish family who had invited me.  They were a large extended family that eagerly anticipated this annual event.  For them it was family time—a time to reflect upon their heritage.  And why not?  St Patrick (400A.D), it is thought, was sainted because he unified the many tribes of Ireland under a common bond—Christianity. For me, March 17 marks a time designed to celebrate unity, heritage—and family. We have created a link to a YouTube video made by the “Hair Dad.”  He enjoys being a Dad to his four-year-old daughter—letting her feel like she is a princess as he styles and creates hair designs for her.  (You may find some ideas here!)

 So……while you all plan for the fun and the green of St. Pat’s Day, pause to think about how you bring family and friends together.  Use this special day to unite people not separate them.  Have fun!  Enjoy the day!

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