Fun Resources for you to Enjoy!

Fun Resources for you to Enjoy!
Fun Resources for you to Enjoy!

We enjoy meeting people.  Many are incredibly creative and talented.  They specialize in a variety of things.  Some of these people may be great resources for you –so we are gathering a list of some of our favorites and sharing them with you.  Perhaps this will make life easier. Let me know if you like this—then I will know whether I should keep it up.  Just tweet or Facebook us back. 

Check this often because we will keep adding to the list.

Hair ideas for you and your daughter


Marcus Monson—Celebrity Make-up Artist

Marcus will be busy this weekend doing make-up for the red carpet.  He is highly sought after—works for large brands like Channel, has owned his own business and been a TV personality himself.  He teaches those who influence.  We thought you might get some great and very handy tips from him.



Yoga Tips to Help You Manage your Weight:

Ponytail Tips for Magical Ponytails:

Tips for Women with Fine, Straight Hair:

Ten Commandments for Curly Hair:

Renew through good nutrition habits:

MY FAVORITE—I USE THIS ALL THE TIME It will absolutely change you and how you work:

Spiritual renewal and the power engine of prayer:



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