69th Entry, October 18th, 2017:

I am a Senior at the Juilliard School. I simply cannot believe it! I wrapped up my summer with more ballet classes, and spent a week in New Hampshire with the family I babysit for. Before I knew it, the woods and the lake were behind me and I was back in the studio! The first two weeks of school were jam packed- classes, headshots, rehearsals, seminars, workshops, masterclasses, rehearsals, projects, and lectures galore! My days at Juilliard are now numbered, and I’m making the absolute most of them! Directors from companies all over the world are already coming in to watch our classes. This year, we have acting classes, as well as a Senior Seminar and Senior production classes. I’m especially excited about Senior Production; it is up to the senior class to produce an entire show. As a third year, my only duty was to dance. Now, we must create a budget, fundraise, and advertise.

At the end of last year, I was lucky enough to be chosen to receive a Gluck Community Service Fellowship (G.C.S.F.) for this academic year. As stated on the Juilliard website, “The program presents more than 450 interactive Dance, Drama, Classical Music, and Jazz performances at more than 45 New York City health care facilities each academic year. G.C.S.F. Fellows (student-initiated groups) present a minimum of 12 performances each year, free of charge to metropolitan hospitals, nursing homes, and alternative care facilities.

The Juilliard students’ experiences in the Gluck Community Service Fellowship Program inform their performing careers and support the development of a personal commitment to community service.” I formed a group with a fellow dance classmate, Cleo, as well as three jazz musicians: Julian, on tenor saxophone; Dan, on upright bass; and Mathis, on piano. We had about three rehearsals together, and we have not only have one, but two performances this Saturday! I’m especially excited about working in this group because they are my closet friends (Julian is my boyfriend!). We have Juilliard to thank for uniting us in such a wonderful way. We are extraordinarily excited to share our passions and lift the spirits of those in our community.

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