68th Entry, August 15th, 2017

New York: a city where everything and anything comes at you from every direction. I think that’s the best way to describe what’s been happening with me these past two weeks. I’ve been working hard from 9am-5pm four days a week, taking dance classes, yoga classes, hitting the gym, and generally taking advantage of NYC in the summer. I watched Jurassic park on a 40-foot inflatable screen on the pier on the Hudson River, I’ve visited the incredible Whitney Museum of American Art, and attended the launch party of Jazz at Lincoln Center’s new record company, Blue Engine Records. But wait, there is SO MUCH MORE.

Rewind to about a week ago, when I got a generic message from a casting company that I had been in touch with a little bit last year. They said they wanted to send me on an audition and gave me a time to go. I received the e-mail as I was working at my desk on a gigantic Excel spreadsheet inputting data and organizing information. I thought “Sure! What have I got to lose?” I confirmed the time and went on the audition the next day. All they said to do was wear dance clothing and pointe shoes. The audition was a piece of cake, and I skipped off to the grocery store without giving it a second thought. A few hours later, I get an e-mail that I got a callback! I started to get excited! I went to the callback the next day and there were a lot of girls. We danced more than at the original audition, but it was done in an hour. After two weeks, I figure I didn’t get the job, but then I got an e-mail…..

Turns out I’m going to be dancing en pointe in an Under Armour commercial! I have rehearsal tomorrow and then we shoot the commercial on Monday!!!!! Stay tuned….!

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