64th Entry, May 23rd, 2017

One performance is over and with, and we are now in the theatre to tech for Senior Production! Last week I was in the theatre until 10 or 11pm hanging lights, tying cables to pipes, designing lighting sequences, and prepping wardrobe. This week is official week of the shows and my schedule is crazy! I have several official positions during the performances. When I’m not dancing, I’m either an Assistant Stage Manager, Wardrobe Assistant, or Stagehand. Working behind the scenes definitely makes me appreciate all of the work the production team does to prepare for our performances. Although Juilliard has state-of-the-art technology in the theatre spaces, there is no machine that hangs about 100 lights in the theatre; it takes blood, sweat, and tears! (The tears come when you realize that after evenly hanging 6 lights you have one more that has to go up and you have to reposition EVERYTHING.) That particular situation did not happen to me, but I would definitely shed a tear if it did.

As much time as I’ve spent in the theater, I’ve been spending equal amounts of time in the studio rehearsing for the piece I’m dancing in! It’s a dimly lit piece, and I get to wear this awesome cloak. It’s a different style then what I’m used to dancing, but I’m excited to be doing something new! I get to perform 6 times in about 3 days! Luckily, I get the Monday after the shows off. There’s only three more weeks left of school after that! It’ll go by very quickly, especially with no rehearsals in the afternoon!

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