63rd Entry, April 22nd, 2017

The curtain’s come down, the makeup is off, and the feet are VERY sore. The shows went very well, and the New York Times gave Biped rave reviews! (I put the link at the end of this post for everyone to enjoy!) Well, there’s no rest for the Juilliard dancers because we had rehearsals this Monday for Senior Production. We began the rehearsal process after Winter Break, and had to leave it alone after only two weeks because we began rehearsal for Biped. As a third year student, I not only dance, but I am a lighting designer and a stage hand. Today I had to sit in on another piece that my team and I are in charge of designing the lighting. I’m a little anxious about these “Senior Pro” shows. First of all, when I’m not dancing in my piece, I will either be in the lighting booth, stage managing, striking props, or running the music! Oh and did I mention that there will be a total of six shows in three days?! Luckily we do get the following Monday off after the performances. Who knows, I just might need to take another day to recuperate!

I had my final Student Ambassador meeting this past Wednesday. Every year a handful legendary musicians, vocalists, actors, composers, directors, or dancers are honored with an honorary doctorate from Juilliard. As an Ambassador, I have the privilege of volunteering to escort one of the honorees to commencement; last year I escorted Philip Glass. This year I will escorting the legendary ballerina Suzanne Farrell! But I’ll get more into that as Commencement gets closer.

I had a lovely Easter weekend with my family. Juilliard has Spring Break is the first two weeks in March, and people aren’t able to go home to their families. I always make sure to bing at least one friend home with me. This year, I brought my friend Diamond home, and we dyed eggs, played board games, and ate our weight in ham and mashed potatoes. It was an ideal Sunday to say the least!

Not that I’m counting, but there are only five full weeks left of school!

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