58th Entry, November 15th, 2016

Last week was all about the music! I spent almost every evening at Dizzy’s Jazz Club at the Time Warner Center in Columbus Circle. My friends in a Jazz department were playing a show every night, and I went out to support them! Luckily, Dizzy’s is a stone’s throw away from Juilliard, and a short subway ride from my apartment.

My days started as they usually do with three classes, lunch and then hours of rehearsals. After my rehearsals, I would run home, shower, and go from sweaty dancer girl to a well-dressed woman ready to enjoy some jazz! I saw the show on Halloween, and decided I would get dressed up extra fancy and wear a black sequin dress. On Halloween, Chipotle (a Mexican take-out place) offers $3 burritos to anyone in costume. Since we were all in suits and dresses, I said if anyone asked, the guys were James Bond and we (the girls) were Bond girls. No questions asked, we enjoyed our $3 burritos. Sequins, burritos, and jazz; what more could a girl wish for?

By the time Sunday morning rolled around, I was exhausted! After seeing the show every night, I felt as though I had played all of the instruments, cooked all of the food in the restaurant, ushered guests to their seats, and looked after everyone’s valuables, even though I just sat in the audience and enjoyed the music! It was such a wonderful experience to be thrown into a world in which I know nothing about.

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