54th Entry, October 6th, 2016

The weeks have been fuller than ever, and it’s still September! Last week, I went home to celebrate my brother’s 19th birthday. It was great to recharge and visit my family before (another!) busy week. On Monday afternoon, all of my rehearsals were canceled (completely unheard of) and I decided to visit the Museum of Modern Art. I was required to visit the museum and write about some of its exhibits for my Arts & Aesthetics class. It was so inspiring! I was mesmerized by the pieces by Warhol, Matisse, and Toulouse-Lautrec, just to name a few. It was one of those “I love New York” afternoons.

On Tuesday, it was business as usual with my four classes and then rehearsal. By the end of rehearsal, I realized my back was a little sore. I’ve become hyperaware of any discomfort in my lower back ever since I seriously injured it last year. Low and behold, the next morning my back was in total spasm; I could not stand, walk, or move in general. I got in touch with my acupuncturist and lay on my back for most of the day. I couldn’t dance on Thursday, and I managed to do a little dancing on Friday. However, the real relief came when one of my teachers recommended I see a very well known masseuse in the neighborhood. He is always booked, but I managed to snag a session with him on Saturday afternoon at 2:30pm. By 3:30pm, I was a new woman- he made the pain go away! I made a follow up appointment for the following Saturday and skipped out of the office (skipping was a big deal because standing was an issue before the treatment.)

Saturday evening was beautiful- it was warm outside and I wasn’t in pain! My friends and I decided to go to a favorite Juilliard weekend hang out spot: Dizzy’s Jazz Club. The club is a very upscale venue located at the top the Time Warner Center in Columbus Circle. There is a live jazz band almost every night, and a lot of the time it is comprised of Juilliard Jazz students! Saturday was a special dance night, so the tables and chairs were pushed to the side to make room for a little dance floor. The band was made up of all Juilliard musicians and almost everyone on the dance floor was from Juilliard too! Nothing is like dancing the night away to incredible live music with some of the most talented young people in the world!

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