52nd Entry, September 21st, 2016

I feel like I’ve been a Junior at Juilliard for at least a semester, but it’s only been one week! I’ve been so busy! We kicked off the year with the annual Convocation ceremony followed by a picnic in Lincoln Center. President Polisi and Dean Guzelimian gave speeches and recognized the loss of a great Juilliard alumnus, Robin Williams. President Polisi showed a clip of himself presenting Robin Williams the “Alumnus of the Year Award” at the Beverly Hills Hotel in the early 90’s. Williams was absolutely brilliant! We all sat hysterically laughing in the audience with tears in our eyes. It was an incredible way to remember such a great talent of our community.

After the festivities of the opening day, the Junior class began body conditioning classes with Eric Franklin of the Franklin Method. After three or so classes, he told us he needed some dancers to be the models for his on-line tutorials. Guess how I spent the weekend before school started? Filming the on-line series of course! I’ll post a link to the videos once they are edited and posted for public use.

As you know New York is never boring, and after the filming my friends and I decided to explore events happening around Fashion Week. After all, Fashion Week takes place directly in front of Juilliard in Lincoln Center! There were many booths set up for free fashion-related activities: hair braiding, makeovers, photo booths. Needless to say, we went to all of them!

I had a packed schedule for the first full day back at school that Monday. I am already in rehearsals. Usually we don’t start rehearsing for our “New Dances” Performance until October, but my class was invited to dance in New York City Center’s “Fall for Dance” Festival! We are performing the piece we did in last Decemeber’s “New Dances” performance, and our choreographer, Brian Brooks is tweaking the piece and adding seven of his own company members. Everyone is enjoying the rehearsal process. It’s great to re-visit a piece that we did a year ago. However, in about a week or two, my class will start rehearsing for this year’s “New Dances” Performances with our new choreographer Kate Weare. Thus, we will be rehearsing for two major projects simultaneously, which is unheard of!

In the next entry, I’ll tell you more about my classes this semester-I think this going to be the best year yet!

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