50th Entry, August 3rd, 2016

Before I dive into the new and exciting events that have happened in the past week or so, I must follow up on last week’s post. Last week, I discussed my incredible experience at the Merce Cunningham Trust’s Scenario Workshop. A few days ago, I can across a review of the final showing on the New York Times website! It was written by one of the most well-known dance critics: Alastair Macaulay. I had no idea he was in the audience watching us. I’ll post the link to the review at the end of the post for you to read in its entirety. I’m especially proud and humbled by Macaulay’s observation, “It was notable how glowingly the young-adult dancers, all highly able and attractive, performed.” The fifteen or so of us worked tirelessly for hours in order to properly recreate Merce’s vision. I’m overjoyed that our hard work was recognized. Macaulay also writes about the importance of keeping legacies alive in the New York dance scene. He mentions that Juilliard will be performing Biped in the spring of 2015. Even though I’m going into my third year at Juilliard, I always remind myself how lucky I am to be there!

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