46th Entry May 9th 2016

Just because this is my last week of classes, doesn’t mean that things are cooling down any time soon. I just had the final Student Ambassador meeting of the year. It was a catered lunch in the President’s Board room with President Polisi and Dean Guzelimian, along with the other Student Ambassadors. We discussed the highlights of the past school year and brought up some poignant questions. It was so funny that I was actually taking part in the meeting instead of just setting up or helping out in one as I usually do!

After the meeting, I received a very exciting e-mail. As an ambassador, we have the opportunity to escort one of the people Juilliard has chosen to receive an honorary doctorate. I was given the honor of escorting Philip Glass! He is one of the greatest music makers of the late twentieth century. I couldn’t be more excited to spend the day alongside of him. I greet him when he arrives, help him with his cap and gown, walk down to commencement with him, and then join him and the other honorary doctorate recipients for a luncheon.

Today is the final day of school, and it’s one of the busiest yet! I started at 10:30am with ballet class, followed by a modern class, and then by 2 pm, I was off to work in the President’s Office. Today there is a huge celebration for the graduating class in the President’s boardroom. I’m sitting at my desk as I type this, and I keep slipping into the party to snag some fruit and other goodies they put out. Once I finish here, I have my first tour guide training session. After that, I have to hail a cab to the Upper East Side of Manhattan to babysit until 11pm! It’s going to be a long, exhausting, but incredibly rewarding day!

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