45th Entry May 23rd 2016

It’s the final countdown! Seven more days of school are left! These last days are jam packed! I received an e-mail that ESPN Argentina was coming to visit Juilliard and film some of my class. I was asked to be interviewed along with two of my classmates! On Friday afternoon, I sat down with an ESPN Argentina producer, and was filmed as I answered questions about the the Juilliard Dance Division. After I spoke, they wanted to get some footage of me dancing in the studio. Unfortunately, my two classmates could not stay after they were interviewed. So, after we completed my interview, the producers told me that they wanted to get some video footage of me dancing around New York! I was thrilled. This morning at 10 am, I met the two producers outside of the Plaza Hotel. We filmed by the rocks on the duck pond in Central Park, in Columbus Circle and by the Museum of Natural History. They even filmed me leaping across the Sixth Avenue with all of the pedestrians behind me! We finished off with some shots of me leaving my apartment. It turns out that they are going to make the segment a profile of me! It was an incredible day. I’m so honored that I was able to take part in such a great day. I’m already starting to feel sore from jumping around on concrete! The weather was beautiful and it was an all around wonderful experience. It will take a month or two, but soon the episode will air on television and I will send a link to share with you all!

As I was finishing up my exciting day, I checked my e-mailed and saw some exciting news. I was recommended to be a tour guide of the dance division at Juilliard! I’ll be taking groups of prospective dancers and their parents around the school to give them a sneak peek of what happens on a daily basis. I have to go through some training sessions, and I will be giving tours by next fall. If you come visit the dance division at Juilliard, I may be the one leading you around school!

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