44th Entry May 17th 2016

Perhaps last Tuesday evening was one of the most exciting nights of this year. As a Student Ambassador, I invited to the bi-annual Juilliard Gala. The Office of Development (the office that is in charge of running the gala) needed two male and two female dancers to attend. Do you know why? Well, they needed people on the dance floor to get the evening rocking! It was my job to get people out of their seats and start grooving to the live jazz band and singers! I was even given a seat with my name on a place card and was able to eat the delicious meal. In between courses- yup, you guessed it- I spent all of my time dancing!

There was a performance before the party in the Peter Jay Sharp Theatre at Juilliard, and the party was set up in Lincoln Center where Fashion Week usually takes place. Now, you must be curious as to what I wore to this fabulous black tie event. After a week of complete panic before the gala about what I was going to wear, I realized the solution was right in front of me. Back at my parents house, I had a floor length, silver sequin gown. Viola! My high school prom dress would make a comeback! I was ready to dance the night away. Once seated at the table, dinner was in three courses: stacked beet salad, salmon, and chocolate cinnamon torte. Oddly enough, the woman who was seated next to me was recently hired to work in the Development Office and was born and raised on Long Island. I realize the the world gets smaller as I get older.

As the night came to an end, and we were the last few to leave, we were told we could take some of the centerpieces home with us. I chose two beautiful bouquets of long stemmed roses: one lavender and one light pink. I remember it began to drizzle as I crossed through Lincoln Center to hail a cab. As I stepped into the cab, I looked behind me and stared at the Metropolitan Opera House in all of its glory. I closed the door to the cab and peered out of the window at the raindrops, and then down at my flowers. The sequins on my dress shimmered in the moonlight. With my yellow taxi cab as my chariot, Manhattan became my kingdom, and I felt like I was in a fairytale.

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