43rd Entry May 5th 2016

This week flew by! The days may seem long, but the weeks go by so quickly! It’s finally feeling like Spring here. There’s always a lot to do in New York City, but when it starts to stay light out longer and the weather is warmer, there are endless possibilities! The Tribecca Film Festival opened last weekend, and Central Park is packed with what seems to be all of Manhattan.

Last night, I went to the open dress rehearsal of Juilliard’s Senior Dance Production. Six Seniors create pieces and use dancers from their class and the Junior class. The Juniors are in charge of the lighting design and stage managing. The Seniors put on the whole show themselves! They have a class on how to run a show, budget, and get sponsors. I can’t wait until my class gets to do that. I enjoyed the show so much. It was great to see such fresh, original choreography that my colleagues had done all by themselves!

Next week, I don’t have my academic or music classes, so I start at 10:45 every day! Not too shabby. If it’s nice, I’ll take my bike out for a spin in Central Park before my first class. There are officially two weeks left before summer break kicks off. I’ve so many things to do before it all ends! I’m going to be majorly productive this week because time is running out!

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