42nd Entry April 20th 2016

The official count down has begun! There are only four more weeks of school left! Four more weeks until I’m halfway done with Juilliard. That’s crazy! I can’t believe how much I’ve grown in the past two years.

Well, I shouldn’t get ahead of myself just yet. Tonight I’m going to my favorite movie theater downtown that plays indie films. After the movie, there is a Question and Answer session with the director John Turturro. Following the film, my friends and I will go to my favorite Thai restaurant in SoHo. There’s nothing like walking around SoHo on a spring night. Even though the stores are closed, there’s something about window shopping at Chanel and all of the other designers stores at night.

Even though it’s Good Friday, and Easter is this Sunday, we were in school all week! We don’t get off for Easter. Since my friends are from all over the country and the world and can’t be with their families on the holiday, I’m taking them home with me! It’s going to be four of my friends, me and my brother. My parents and grandparents are going to have to sit in the kitchen because the kids are taking over the dining room! We are going to do all of my favorite Easter activities. It’s doesn’t matter that we are all 20-year old college students; we will be dyeing eggs, having an egg hunt, and eating jellybeans, chocolate, and candy galore. I also have a pet bunny at home. Her name is Monkey and my friends are excited to meet her. How can I forget? Most of my friends are living in the dorms, so they have to eat the cafeteria food. They are looking forward to a huge home-cooked meal of ham, turkey, potatoes, asparagus, and other delicious food. They haven’t had home cooking since they were with their families for Christmas break. Everyone is also getting their own Easter baskets! I told my mom what each of my friends love, and she picked up special things knick knacks and their favorite candy. I can’t wait to see the look on everyone’s faces. I’m so happy that I’ll be able to share the holiday with friends and family. Happy Holidays to everyone!

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