41st Entry April 13th 2016

This girl is a proud new owner of a silver, shiny, folding bicycle! At a sleek 25 pounds, this beautiful piece of machinery/technology/art fits right behind my couch! I feel like a little kid again. Now I’m on the hunt for a matching helmet.

My classes at school have been great, and I’ll all registered for next semester! I can’t believe my first semester of my Junior year is all planned out. I’ll be taking ballet, pointe, Limón, Cunningham, partnering, contact improvisation, partnering, and classical repertory. I’m taking the classical repertory class as an elective. I jumped at the opportunity to take the class because we will be learning sections from George Balanchine’s The Four Temperments. It’s one of my favorite ballets, and a former New York City Ballet dancer will be teaching the class.

I have almost all of my summer plans in motion. I will attending the Merce Cunningham summer intensive here in NYC. About two weeks ago I went to the three and a half hour (!) audition. I’ve never taken any Cunningham classes, but it was a great experience, and really got me interested in the technique. One of the teachers in the program teaches at Juilliard. I can’t believe I’m saying this already, but this summer workshop is going to prepare me for NEXT YEAR’S Spring Repertory concert. I’m going to be dancing a Cunningham piece, and there’s no such thing as too much preparation! The intensive is about three weeks long, and each day I will have a technique class and then a three hour rehearsal learning a specific piece of repertory. At the end of the three weeks, there will be a small performance. Did I mention that this incredible intensive is FREE? Oh yes. Never has something in New York been this affordable. Every weekend, I babysit for a lovely family on the Upper East Side. I’m looking forward to seeing the two year old and a five month old. With this Spring weather, hopefully I’ll be able to take them to play outside!

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