40th Entry April 6th 2016

Somehow, it feels like the shows are a distant memory! Now that I don’t have rehearsals in the afternoon, I actually leave the building while the sun is still out! Who would’ve thought? However, I have added more hours to my work-study schedule so I can make the most of my time off. Of course, my academic teachers have decided to pile on a load of work for us! For my Society, Politics, and Culture class I have to write two papers, a seven page research paper; for my Music class I have to do a group research project and give a 20 minute lecture on on Stravinsky; and for my dance history class, I have to create a powerpoint presentation on a non-western form of dance. Now that my body doesn’t have to overextend itself in rehearsals, my brain has to!

Maybe I’m a little crazy, but I’m currently looking into taking classes at Columbia University next semester. Juilliard has an exchange program with Barnard and Columbia that allows its’ students to attend one of any number of classes offered from the curriculum. Before I got into Juilliard, I was thinking of majoring in Political Science, so this may be my chance to take a course! Of course, I will see how this could fit into my schedule. Somehow, people have done it in the past, but I’m not quite sure how. I’ll have to investigate this further….

This has (kind of) sprung in New York, so maybe I can spend some time in Central Park and ride my bike! I’m on the market for a new bike. I want to get one of the lightweight folding ones so I can fit it behind the couch. This is New York City! Either your folding bike is behind the couch, or you have to rig a pulley system and suspend it in the air. I’m not kidding, I’ve seen it in more than one apartment!

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