39th Entry March 30th 2016

These past two weeks have been action packed! Remember when I said that performance time was the most wonderful time of the year? Well, it’s also the busiest! After a six show run and a ten day week, I’m happily exhausted. The Juilliard Dances Repertory Concert opened on a Friday night. My cast first danced on Saturday night. Coincidentally, Saturday night was also my 20th birthday! On the Thursday night before my birthday, my friend surprised me with tickets to the new Broadway show Bullets Over Broadway. It’s still in previews, and we sat right in the orchestra! It was a great way to kick off a week of performances. After an amazing all around performance and a celebratory birthday dinner at my favorite Thai restaurant, I woke up on Sunday to an amazing surprise. The critics at the New York Times gave us a glowing review! There was even a picture to go along with the article – and I was in it! I’ll post the link at the end of this post so you can all read it and see my picture! I’m the blonde girl in the front and middle in the white costume. The review made my birthday performance even more memorable.

Our final performance was on a Tuesday morning at 11am. The final performance is always special, but this performance was the most important to us. This was an outreach performance, and Juilliard had invited students from second to twelfth grade from all over the city to see the show. A lot of the kids had never seen a live dance performance before or had even been in a theatre. We were going to be the ones to let them into our theatrical world. Baker’s Dozen opened the show as it always did, but this time Lawrence Rhodes, the Artistic Director of the Dance Division came backstage and said a few words before showtime. He had a wonderful career as a dancer and now heads one of the greatest artistic conservatories in the world. He told us that his passion and love of dance started when his school took him on a field trip to see a dance performance. His entire career was sparked by a performance just like the one we were about to do. To say the least, the story inspired us all, and when the curtain went up, we danced as if it was the last time. Who knows who would discover the love of the craft like we all did so many years ago? We performed our best because we knew we could at that moment, help shape the next generation of young artists.

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