37th Entry March 5th 2016

There is nothing like the prospects of Spring Break to get you through the final week of school! There will be no jet-setting to the Caribbean for me; I look forward to just being in the greatest vacation spot of all: New York City! Before I can talk about vacation, I must tell you all about my exciting rehearsals this week. On Monday, we had a “costume parade” where the entire costume department and production crew comes to make sure everything is in order. The costumes for Baker’s Dozen fit the piece so well. I’m wearing scrunched white velour leggings, a flowing skirt, a flouncy halter leotard, white jazz shoes, and big rhinestone earrings! The piece was made in the 70’s- can’t you tell? All of this excitement was in preparation for the ultimate honor: Twyla Tharp was coming to watch rehearsal the following day! Twyla Tharp is a legend, and not to mention one of my favorite choreographers! I was excited beyond belief. I know for a fact that Ms. Tharp does not come to visit all of her rehearsals. Apparently Shelley, the woman who staged the piece, and a long-time member of the Tharp company, told Twyla how proud she was of the cast. Apparently we do the piece justice! We all made sure our hair was neat, and everyone wore their favorite things! We were all a little nervous about what she would think of us. I mean, she is the choreographer, after all!

After we ran the piece, we were thrilled that Twyla had a smile on her face. She had incredible feedback and such inspiring words. It was definitely a rehearsal to remember! Not to mention, it was the final rehearsal before Spring Break! Ahhh, now on to some peace and relaxation!

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