36th Entry February 15th 2016

Fashion Week, iontophronesis machines, a Gala event, oh my! This week has been quite exciting to say the least! We at the Juilliard School consider Lincoln Center to be our “quad”, and sometimes we lend it to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week! During our lunch break or if we have to run to the drugstore, we are forced to walk right through everything!. The fashionistas, designers, and photographers are in their best looks, and we are in true dancer apparel: orthopedic footwear, sweatpants, and puffy ski jackets. Our goal is to stay warm, and theirs is to look original (regardless of weather!) As a tradition on the first weekend of Fashion Week, my best friend and I will put on some sort of outlandish outfit and stand around looking important. It never fails, as street style photographers always snap pictures and ask us “who are you wearing?” Fashion Week is glamorous, but I think that a healthy On a more scientific note, I started using the iontophronesis machine at Physical Therapy! I promise, it’s just as exciting as seeing the newest Prada bag in hot pink (well, maybe not.) It’s a type of therapy that uses an electric current to deliver an anti-inflammatory through the skin. In any case, it’s made my Achilles tendon feel so much better!

If you weren’t oh-so-ecstatic about my new treatment, how about seeing Anne Hathaway, Sarah Jessica Parker, Daniel Craig, Marisa Tomei and Gwyenth Paltrow at a super-exclusive gala event on a Monday night? The Office of Student Affairs at Juilliard was allotted a few dozen tickets to be handed out to students for the event. I was lucky enough to score one! The event honored Bryan Lourd, who is the head of a major talent agency called Creative Artists Agency; he represents all of the talented artists I just mentioned! Mr. Lourd had requested that tickets be given to Juilliard students. A bunch of us sat up in the balcony, and when he finally made his way on the stage, he pointed at the balcony and said, “You guys up there? You’ll be down here in the orchestra one day.” Sarah Jessica Parker smiled and waved at us eager kids up in the balcony. My night was made.

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