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What’s the difference between Klicinz and Whirl-a-Style?

Why are there different colors and sizes?

Can I create these hairstyles when I have layers?

What do I do as some hair seems to fall out of the Hairstyler when I try to create the hairstyle?

When I use the Hairstyler, it doesn’t stay in. The bun flops down and the Hairstyler falls out …

How do I get a bun on the top of my head?

My hands aren’t long enough to reach down my back to begin rolling my hair. What can I do?

My hair is long and it falls way below my waist. Can I use this Whirl-a-Style Product?

Can I use this Whirl-a-Style Product in my dog’s hair or my horse’s mane?

How long does the hair have to be for me to use Whirl-a-Style?

Can I use this Whirl-a-Style Product with young children?

Will I use more than one size?

Does the Whirl-a-Style Product help to create more than a bun design?

Will it curl my hair?

Can I use Whirl-a-Style Products with hair extensions?

Can I sleep in it?

Can I swim with Whirl-a-Style?

Will Whirl-a-Style pull or break my hair?

I have braids, can I use these Whirl-a-Style Products?

I get headaches when I wear my hair up. How will these Whirl-a-Style Products affect me? Will there be a difference?

I always just twist my hair with my hands to make updo styles. Why would I need these Whirl-a-Style Products?

I use fabric donuts to make buns. Why do I need these Whirl-a-Style Products instead?

Will I still need a hairnet, if I use these Whirl-a-Style Products for my bun?

I skate. Will it hold my hair well enough with Whirl-a-Style?

Why should I select Whirl-a-Style Products over any other product on the market today?

Buns are for old ladies. How can I use this style in a more updated way?