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Doing Our Part

At Whirl-a-Style, our mission is to develop a profitable and financially strong organization which provides products and conducts business in a manner that inspires and fosters beauty, positive self-image and creativity by:

  • Constantly innovating and introducing new, proprietary products
  • Providing services and products with quality and added value
  • Helping others especially those less fortunate as we have energy and resources to do so.

Some of our areas of focus are:


We have sent medical and surgical supplies by container to help that region’s inhabitants.





We also work to ensure the prevention of sex trafficking—especially in Laos.




AFESIP helps fight the situation in Laos in a number of ways; from outreach work with service women in bars, brothels and entertainment venues to victim rehabilitation, legal intervention, social enterprise-based job training and placement to community reintegration and follow-up. AFESIP is the only organization in Laos providing this type of support for victims, making our role in the fight against human trafficking for sexual exploitation a very important one.

Our goal here at Whirl-a-Style is to provide an economic tool whereby Lao women who have been victims of sex trafficking can gain independence and self-acceptance.  We will do so by providing beauty education to Lao women associated with AFESIP.Laos_Hairstyling